Berisha to SKAI: The indictment against Beleris was framed by Rama – He is a political prisoner

 Yiannis Souliotis: I asked for this interview because the day before yesterday, I saw in the Albanian media an interview hearing some interesting information regarding Beleri’s case. According to what I’ve listened to, you said that the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama was somehow behind the arrest and prosecution of Fredi Beleri. Can you please explain what happened?

Berisha: Certainly he was. Since day one, when I saw the video of the arrest and the accusation against Beleri, I stated that he was a political prisoner. I understood it was a provocation in the old secret police style against him. Later, I found crystal clear data that very high directors of police (Neritan Nallbati) with an informant were involved in simulating the vote buying by Beleri. Police gave 7000 Euros to the man who did this shameful act as a reward. That means the document used by
According to the country’s laws, Rama in court was never accepted by prosecutors or judges. Because the law says that proof taken by police acting provocateurs could not be born in courtrooms or prosecutor offices, the document Rama sent to the justice he controls is absolutely a non-valid document according to Albanian penal procedure law. That’s why I denounced again and again so you could remove me from the race; you could deny the mandate to every candidate that won. I was always told that it is a political prison. I also stated that no law in Albanian registration could ban Beleri from getting the oath as mayor of Himara. There have been other cases before Beleri, and they were allowed to take oaths in parliament and municipalities. So that is why I don’t accept. There is an argument that Beleri is such and such, but that has nothing to do with his election as mayor, and blocking him is violating the country’s laws. It’s an old practice against which we stood in 90, and we cannot accept it now, 30 years later.

Yiannis Souliotis: Can I ask you something? At the beginning of your answer, you said you had clear proof. Can you clarify what source of evidence you have?

Berisha: I have proof about the infiltrator money and the origin of the funds, 7000 Euro, a considerable sum for Albania. I know and have evidence of where the money came from. I understand that the procedure was violated in taking money to trick someone.

Yiannis Souliotis: So you know the money was given to the person who testified against Beleri.

Berisha: Yes, 7000 Euro

Yiannis Souliotis: This is confidential information you have…

Berisha: It was given to me confidentially, but this is an illegal and unacceptable practice which I will denounce publicly in Albania and everywhere. This is an unfortunate and awful action.

Yiannis Souliotis: Sorry to ask you this again, but to clarify, you said you have proof that the money was given to this person. Is this correct? Can you tell me some details?

Berisha: Yes, I have proof. There is a special fund to provide for those who fulfill special duties for police. And this provocateur got from this fund, in violation of the law, a reward of 7000 euros.

Yiannis Souliotis: You also mentioned that there was a high police officer involved in this unlawful procedure. Can you explain how they were engaged in this case?

Berisha: He is the director of the criminal police of Albania, and he asked this provocateur to organize the provocation. And I cannot accept such practice; it is an old practice of secret police.

Yiannis Souliotis: And what about the second person involved? You said that 2 Albanian officers were involved…
Berisha: The director of police and another officer of police. Because the other organized the provocation, he acted on behalf of the director of criminal police who managed the scheme.

Yiannis Souliotis: Let me ask you one more thing: why did you choose to go public now?

Berisha: Because the information was recent. It is easy to know an old-style secret police provocation. I saw the video when Beleri was having dinner, and they presented it as the moment he gave money. He was not giving money, and I denounced it at that time. I understood that they offered a witness saying he promised me such and such, but it was a total manipulation to me. I heard the lady they took in a very unacceptable way at 2 a.m. A mother of 3 children, violating the constitution, they took from Himara to Vlora. She said I never talked to him about money or voting, and I trusted her. I have no reason not to trust her.

Yiannis Souliotis: So, I need to be precise. Please repeat why you decided to go public at this time.
Berisha: Because I have the correct information about the reward of the police officer. I got it two days before I disposed of it. Everything was to me political. There have been other people in jail who came and swore in the parliament. The law allows, and judges and prosecutors have no right to rewrite the rules.

Do you think the information will affect ongoing court procedures?
Berisha: I don’t think so, but the lawyers should insist.

What do you think about the case of Beleri? What was the reason behind his arrest?
Berisha: It is a pure mafia interest of Edi Rama because Edi Rama is so interested in the land there for himself and the mafia. He knows that Beleri won’t work for him. Before 2014, there was an excellent mayor, and he defended the community’s interests. He was not elected again and then came a socialist mayor, which allowed the socialist mafia and Edi Rames mafia to invade the region and the coastal area. Now they are in a big despair because of Beleri.

After you made this information public, was there any reaction from the government?
Berisha: No, there has not been any reaction because they know this information is accurate, and they know very well. I made public the special fund used to withdraw the money, which could be checked by parliament or lawyers.

To understand, you said you know where the 7000 euros came from…

Berisha: There is a special fund for such purposes, but for fighting criminals and not organizing provocations against people running in elections.

So you know this money was taken from this fang and given to someone
Berisha: It was surely given after the officer successfully created this video. He took as a reward 7000 euros, which is significant for a police operation.

So this is a confidential information that came to you
Berisha: Yes, it is confidential information, but I made it public immediately because I could not accept such practices. Judges could not accept, by law, they have to reject the proof presented in the video. This is not acceptable according to the laws

Mr. President, only because I want to understand better, you know that this amount of money you say was taken by this infiltrator and given to someone. How did you know that someone was involved in the case?
Berisha: From the same sources

What do you think about the bilateral relationship between Greece and Albania? Are they damaged because of the Beleri case

Berisha: I think Beleri’s case is severe. Why is it a violation of the constitution, a violation of essential humans, and an election process, and he is a political prisoner

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