Core Values


The Democratic Party of Albania (following: DPA) is a political party that unites Albanian citizens, inside the country and abroad, who believe, respect and protect:
a) freedom and democracy;
b) the building of the rule of law, a democratic and social one, which guarantees fundamental human rights and freedoms, human dignity and personality, as well as the prosperity of the entire nation;
c) the highest conservative patriotic values of the Albanian nation as well as the basic fundamental of the traditional family in society;
ç) the sanctity of private property;
d) the decommunistization of Albanian society as an ongoing mission;
dh) the humanization and social solidarity and also the spirit of tolerance and religious coexistence;
e) the values, principles and obligations faced by Albania as a NATO member;
ë) the aspiration for the complete European integration of Albania, through the fulfillment of the permanent wish, the Western-oriented approach and the internal call of its members to “Make Albania like the rest of Europe”;

f) justice, peace, harmony and cooperation among nations, as the highest values of humanity.

DPA is the party of national interest and Western vocation of Albanians. It protects and promotes the interests of Albania and Albanians such as:

a) the independence of the state and its territorial integrity, the constitutional order, pluralism, national identity and national heritage as well;
b) fundamental human rights and freedoms;
c) the development of free initiative and equal opportunities, the free market and competition as a means of rapid and sustainable development of the country;
ç) the safety of the individual and property;
d) social justice and dialogue as well;
dh) peace, well-fare, culture and social solidarity;
e) preservation of nature and the environment;
ë) state authority and local self-government;
f) meritocracy and equal opportunities in employment and career ladder, enabling and promoting a sustainable and professional public administration;
g) the fight against corruption and bringing to an end the impunity phenomenon;
gj) severing and removing the ties between politics and organized crime, through the complete decriminalization of political and public life.

DPA is a member of the European People’s Party and of the International Democratic Union. In its activity it is guided by the very same values and principles shared by its sister parties of these organizations


The DPA recognizes and promotes the broad popular participation in political, social life and institutions, as well as it takes care of shaping a broad and sustainable popular willingness to the benefit of the protection and development of the highest social, political and cultural of Albanians, serving the achievement and rapid development of Albania’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations, as well as the positive transmission and reflection of the country’s image everywhere in the world, for the perpetuation of the Albanian nation, the identity of its culture.
2. The DPA is guided by the traditional values of the right spectrum: freedom, democracy, belief in God, patriotism, the traditional family and its values, and the sanctity of private property. At the core of its philosophy lies the national interest, the freedom and dignity of the individual, fair competition and meritocracy.

3. The DPSH realizes its political objectives through communication and political engagement, public and through participation in elections, in accordance with and in full respect of the constitutional and legal framework of the Republic of Albania.

DPA aims to:

a) to build a democratic constitutional order based on the fundamental freedoms and rights of the individual recognized and protected by international documents, the free market supported by the community of free, responsible people who cooperate, respect and take on common responsibilities;
b) to build the rule of law with balanced and clearly separated branches of powers, guarantor of citizens’ lives, freedoms and rights sanctioned by law;
c) to develop the market economy through the promotion of free economic initiative and the increase of private property as the dominant form in the establishing and ownership of national assets, through the privatization of public economic enterprises, the liberalization of the market and licensing, the implementation of favorable fiscal policies, low taxes and small and efficient governance;
ç) to guarantee the right to private property, its inviolability as well as the right of the owners to freely own it, inherit it or to be compensated at full market value;
d) to represent the interests of the social groups of the politically persecuted and the legal owners who were expropriated during the Communist regime, promoting, undertaking and implementing every legal norm, which guarantees the deliverance of justice and the restoration of the missing and undermined dignity, as well as correcting all the financial consequences of the injustices done to them during the Communism period;
dh) to eliminate privileges and inequalities that are not justified by work or property, neither by talent, nor by services rendered to the country;
e) to promote the respect of gender equality in the life of the party and the participation of women in its elected and executive bodies;
ë) to integrate Albania as a dignified member of the European Union;
f) to guarantee national security and contribute as a NATO member and in cooperation with European institutions, the United States of America and other international organizations in order to ensure peace, freedom, democracy, economic guarantee and environmental protection to all regions and beyond;
g) to protect the national interests and human rights of Albanians wherever they might be, respecting international acts and agreements and seeking universally accepted standards for all;
gj) to develop fraternal relations with Kosova and sister political parties of Albanians in other countries as well.
h) to promote an independent and impartial justice system that serves only citizens and the public interest.

The political goals and basic political values of the DPA are detailed and reflected in its program, as well as in other documents that are approved in accordance with the party’ Statute by its central bodies, and are mandatory for upholding and implementation in any political decision-making, activity or action taken by DPA. The National Assembly or the National Council and the DPA membership referendum approve resolutions with binding or orienting power for the DPA, on matters of fundamental political importance and/or electoral influence.

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