The Presidency of the Democratic Party is the institution that holds and plays the executive role in the Democratic Party. The process of electing the new Presidency of the DP marked a new standard for democracy within the party, where the counting of the ballots cast was transparently carried out in front of the television cameras.

The presidency of the DPA follows and ensures the implementation of the decisions taken by the Assembly and the National Council. The presidency decides and rules on all issues that are not exclusive rights according to this statute of the National Assembly and the National Council, as well as approves and passes political agreements.

It exercise particularly the following responsibilities:

a) appoints the Political Secretary of the DPA;
b) approves the candidates for Chairman of the DPA Branches;
c) proposes to the National Council the final list of the electoral candidates, according to the provisions of this Statute;
ç) has the right to decide and call the Assembly for new elections of the Party Branch and the appointment of the temporary management bodies of the branch in accordance with this Statute;
d) approves the organic structure of the DPA and that of salaries;
dh) intervenes and can reject the candidacies selected by the local bodies of the Party that were made contrary to the criteria and statutory rules;
e) can decide on the establishment of permanent and temporary commissions or departments, according to the needs of the DPA;

Below you may have the opportunity to know the DP leading body:


Secretary General

Flamur Noka

Graduated in Medicine and specialized as an oncologist at Tirana University Hospital Center.

Deputy Chairman & Chairman of the Parliamentary Group

Luçiano Boçi

Deputy Chairman

Oerd Bylykbashi

Chairman of the National Council

Edi Paloka

Graduated and received the degree of “Geophysical Engineer” at the University of Tirana.

Chairwoman of Women’s Democratic League

Albana Vokshi

Graduated in “Public Administration”, “Management of Public Economic Policies” in Columbia University, USA, and after receiving a degree in “Engineering” from the University of Tirana.

Chairman of Democratic Party Youth Forum

Besart Xhaferri

Graduated and received the degree in “Economics and Political Sciences” at the “London School of Economics.”

Elected Members:

Aldo Bumçi

Arben Ristani

Bardh Spahia

Belind Këlliçi

Graduated Summa Cum Laude in “Management Sciences” at Coppin State University, in Maryland, USA. He led the DP Youth Forum during the time period 2015-2022. PM in the Assembly of Albania and Candidate in the primaries to run for the Municipality of Tirana.

Edith Harxhi

Eleina Qirici

She finished her university studies in Business Administration, Faculty of Economics, at the University of Tirana. In 2009 she earned the degree of “Doctor of Science in Marketing”, University of Tirana and in 2012 she received the title of Ass. Prof. Dr.

Eno Bozdo

Fatbardha Kadiu

Graduated in “Economic Sciences” at “Ege” University of Izmir. She continued her postgraduate studies in the USA, at the “Georgetown” University, in Washington D. C. on “Strategic Planning”, and in 2007 on “Financial Management of Public Institutions” at the University of Kentucky, Martin School of Public Administration. In 2013 she received the degree “Doctor” in Economic Sciences and in 2016 earned the title of “Associate Professor.”

Floriana Garo

She finished her higher education studies graduating in “International Relations” at the City College of New York. She is a very well-known personality in media, author and host of various television shows.

Florion Mima

Genc Deromemaj

Graduated and earning the degree of a “Hydro-technical Engineer” at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Tirana Polytechnic University and in 2009 he graduated in the First Level in Law from the Faculty of Law, at Tirana Crystal University;

Gent Strazimiri

Grigels Muçollari

Ina Zhupa

Jozefina Topalli

Keltis Kruja

Luan Baçi

Mimoza Hajdarmataj

Sorina Koti


Organization and Human Resources

Ervin Minarolli

Graduated and earned a degree of a “Mechanical Engineer” at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Tirana and in 2009 received a Master’s Certificate in Project Management from “George Washington University”, USA.

Laws & Electoral Issues

Ivi Kaso

Foreign Relations

Enri Ceno

Partner Organizations

Megi Balliu

Transport, properties and the fight against corruption

Ledina Mandia

She finished her higher education studies at the Faculty of Law, University of “Luigj Gurakuqi” of Scutari. In 2005 she earned a “Master of Laws” at the University of Tirana, Faculty of Law. She holds the title of Doctor of Sciences in Law from the University of Tirana, Faculty of Law, Department of Civil Law.

Human rights

Bislim Ahmetaj

European integration

Edmond Spaho

Public Relations

Jola Hysaj

The Politically Persecuted

Lorenc Luka

Immigration & Diaspora

Indrit Hoxha

Local government

Ylli Asllani